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okay, so what happens when you get the call that a netadmin changed the local security policy and they can't get in anymore.

no problem, log into another machine and terminal service in, right?

“interactive logon denied by local policy” -- uh oh.

okay, manage the machine (not part of a domain) remotely and add a new user that is in a different group and grant remote login rights.

“logon denied” -- hmmm...uh oh.

me: “did you change the policy to Everyone?”
netadmin: “i think so”
me: uh-oh.

thanks to a little googling and the resource kit i was able to find something i wasn't aware of before...the ntrights.exe tool...to change rights remotely.

guess what, it worked and saved this server BIG TIME.

anyhow, if you didn't know about it...it is something handy to have around.

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