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i’ve been a t-mobile customer for 9 years.  i’ve been a happy t-mobile customer for 9 years.

i just got a treo 700w phone about 2 months ago.  i’m now a verizon customer.  dropped t-mobile in a heart beat.

why? i just completed doing an msdn webcast on my laptop, using my treo as my wireless modem.  i had outlook running, syncing emails in the background, and livemeeting open, with over 200 participants and also chose to stream the audio via internet instead of dialing in.  i had no hiccups, no wait times on repaints, etc. — it was as if i was on a lan line.  the speed was amazing.

it didn’t dawn on me until i was done that i just spend an hour online, doing various online activities (some background, some not), and streaming audio/video without a blink of latency.  unreal.  verizon really has nailed the wireless data market.  in various areas i’m getting 1MB speeds.  with my t-mobile data service i’d max out at 160KBPS…not bad for email activity, etc. — doesn’t even hold a candle to the speeds i’m getting with verizon.

do i like being forced into a handset selection (verizon is CDMA and doesn’t use GSM/SIM cards)?  absolutely not.  it pisses me off actually — i think consumers should be able to have their choise independent of carriers…after all, my home carrier doesn’t force me to use their home unit.  regardless, i can’t argue with the data network that verizon has put out there first.  will the others get better?  i’m betting on it.  but i’m also betting on verizon trying to retain their share and making it even better.

i like the treo — it’s a bit heavy, but in reality to the device i was previously using, isn’t that much different in size.

so instead of “can you hear me now” — they should add the “can you download it now” tagline — unbelievable.  awesome.  convenient.

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