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i got the mail today and read this letter:

[snip] On behalf of US Airways, please accept [our] sincere apology for the invonvenience you encountered .. with the delay of Flight 74. ... We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this unexpected situation.  Please accept the enclosed transportation voucher as a token of our apology and an invitation for you to travel with us again.

now THAT is customer service.  this was in response to my recent trip where the plane was struck by lightening, leaving the next outgoing flight delayed with no options for about 7 hours.

what is important to note here is that i did nothing to initiate this.  i didn't even complain at the time of the incident, nor did i call or write to US Airways..the proactively responded with this.  that is awesome.  they know a satisfied customer is worthless and are going the extra mile to build loyalty on their customer base.  this definitely won me over.

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