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what’s in the bag?

  • no bag.
  • Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition — not an eval
  • IE7 Beta 2 Preview (build 53–something…i didn’t pay too close attention, but know it is a later build than the previous released build)
  • Vista February CTP with activation key
  • IIS7 Training docs
  • “and other stuff” — i don’t have a DVD on my tablet, so can’t verify the “other stuff” label on all the DVDs.
  • MIX06 Sandbox — a personal sandbox space to try some of the new technologies out, with SFTP access
  • sampler of Christian’s Atlas O’reilly book — note: i purchased this, it is pretty good overview to get on top of the client model

stay tuned for updates…

tomorrow: billg and tim o’reilly, followed by dean (IE7)

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