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the second session immediately following the billg keynote was about ie7, here’s some key messages:

  • css/html compliance — working hard to comply with core web standards in these areas and more.  ie7 actually kinda breaks itself (ie6) when previous hacks were used to “fix” things in ie6.  check out the ie7 developer center on msdn for details on preparing for ie7
  • ie7 beta 2 preview “refresh” is available for download at http://microsoft.com/ie
  • rss – rss is built in to ie7 and brought to the surface a lot more…showed rss developer sample of the Feeds API
  • search providers — demonstrated how ie7 supports opensearch technologies for search providers.

ScottGu came out and did some great demos on atlas using the latest bits and showing the TODO list sample he has completed.  all good stuff and super easy.  he also toggled to a mac and showed the app working on safari all good and cool-like.

i spent the remaining time at the ie7 compat lab area talking with bleroy about some atlas stuff, etc.

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