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just yesterday tim sneath posted a video on creating video with overlays.  as i saw that come in my reader, i was just finishing testing my code for a screencast i was recording on creating video with timed overlays.  i figured, what the heck, you can never have enough tutorials, and mine was demonstrating a different method for accomplishing the same thing.

the scenario i was thinking of came to mind when i was lazy and watching television.  i saw a commercial where the person in the commercial said "if you call the number that is at the bottom of your screen" and then the number popped up.  i thought this concept would make a good tutorial on using markers in media files.  for advertisers, this would allow media to be re-used, but leverage different messaging in the form of language, promotional offers maybe,  especially in the web space, you'd probably want to provide specific marketing depending on the placement of the media advertisement.  or at least that was my thinking...

Creating Video with Timed Overlaysanyhow, so i put the screencast up and added it to my TimCast feed.  it demonstrates first using (preview) to import a quicktime movie file recorded with my isight camera and placing media markers within the media, then encoding the file to a consumable format by .  the next step is leveraging expression blend 2 (preview) to render the media and add event handling looking for the media markers and responding to them with different animations and functions.

it's about 19 minutes, and might be some good peripheral learning.  i'm hoping to do more of these, so any suggestions of topics is appreciated...feel free to leave a comment about a suggested topic.

you can also view the video on channel9 if you don't like subscribing to podcast feeds.

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the master of design, celso gomes, has done it again.  i got an email today about his new site, built completely in silverlight for silverlight tutorials.  check it out: http://www.nibblestutorials.net/.  it really was a good demonstration to me of something entirely built in silverlight.  well done, celso.

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i have an unfortunate love for technology (or so my bank tells me).

i have an unfortunate love for food (or so my scale tells me).

i wish i was a good photographer (nobody is telling me i am, so i keep trying).

while browsing some local groups, i came across  a new site in my area combining the power of the 'blogosphere' (is anyone tired of being forced to use buzzwords?), good photography, and yummy food.  i spent a few minutes on the site and i'm going to make dinner now.

cool idea i thought and i'm very curious the impact this site will have on our little valley of the sun here -- might be the new best food critic (i can never really gauge a critic in writing alone...pictures, baby, pictures).

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want to see something interesting?  how about the growth of the area where you live.  or las vegas. or anywhere.

take a look at , which shows growth over time using presumably census data or something.  the map is virtual earth presented in a flash application (rumor has it they are working on a silverlight port).

fun stuff: http://hindsight.trulia.com

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UPDATE: if it wasn't obvious i'll state it here...silverlight supports a specific matrix of browser and platforms (current released versions of Firefox/Safari on Mac; current released versions of Firefox/IE on Windows).  microsoft is continuing accepting feedback on platforms and take that feedback into consideration when adding new platforms/browser to that supported matrix.  the description below and others are workarounds that may result in other issues.

since the immediate release of safari (beta) on windows, people are noticing (and asking) about silverlight support.

well, you may notice that you'll see the default install image for silverlight when using safari for windows and browsing to a silverlight application.  yes, even if you have silverlight installed.

why is this tim? you ask.  well simple.  safari on windows is a new browser.  the same experience would happen if i released my superfunk 1.0 browser...silverlight just doesn't know about the type of browser it is.  (let's save the arguments of how browser detection is happening for another day.).

well, if you need to get it to work, you'll have to dig into silverlight.js and make some modifications.  for me, the simple modification was in my own createSilverlight function.  i changed the properties parameter to use version: "0.8" (note: safari on windows for me was registering that silverlight version was installed, so the properties setting for "0.9" was showing that i needed an update).  once i made that change i no longer got the install image, but instead a blank screen.  huh.  well, it turns out that safari on windows acts a bit like opera on windows (which is on the roadmap and the silverlight team is working on it).  if you resize your browser you should now see the silverlight plugin render fine (as mine did).

yeah, it's weird, but it is beta...and safari was just released today...give 'em all a break would ya ;-).