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well, it's out in the wild now -- ie7 has been released.  you can read dean's (gm for IE) note on the IEBlog regarding the release.

now that it is out -- and likely windows update people will start downloading it, there may be some adjustments that sites may want to consider.  why?  because even in ie7 we are more standards compliant to the point that ie7 may break some of the hacks you had to do in ie6 browsers, etc.

to understand more about ie7 development here are some resources:

two great places to get some knowledge...and as always, the is listening...

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check out the recommendations from target.com when adding a zune to your shopping cart -- the suggested 'better together' is a white and a black zune...


i guess they are really pushing the community aspect of zune to the limits, making sure you can share music with...yourself.

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don't miss out on this opportunity to view the visual studio team edition for database professionals event!

visit http://www.teams-deliver.com to find an event near you and register!

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interface-white                     ASPNET-AJAX-Color

and Microsoft have partnered to present , a one-day intense seminar designed to accelerate your web development with ASP.NET AJAX technologies.  In this one-day session you will learn:

  • The simplest, most scalable ways to add AJAX support to your applications
  • When using an AJAX library beats hand-coded JavaScript
  • The reality of cross-browser support (it may surprise you!)
  • Technical concerns of file size, testing and debugging
  • Common AJAX design patterns
  • How and when to extend the ASP.NET AJAX libraries

this is a great opportunity to hear from local experts.  no long travel needed.  no hotel needed.  sign up for this one-day seminar today to learn all that you can from the best out there!  for more information and how to register see the AJAX500 web site.

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over 2 years ago i posted some images of how from first versions of windows to present day windows xp, the application of solitaire hadn't changed...

with vista, the 'killer app' has undergone a wpf-ifying makeover.  scale graphics, high-resolution decks, new animations (i haven't won yet to see what happens).


anyhow, an update nonetheless...