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<sarcasm>whew, that didn't take long </sarcasm>.  TiVo finally got their hdtv dvr in the market...i saw the ad, clicked the link and -- what!?  $800!?  holy crap.  maybe it's me, but that's priced out of the park for me (in a bad way, not the homerun way).

sure, i'm still 'renting' my dvr from my cable provider, but for a nominal fee that gives me 16 years of rental (and i can upgrade whenever to their newest stuff) relative to plopping down $800 for a fixed-technology device.

wow, i think they missed the boat on pricing.  too bad, as a geek, i would have jumped and gotten one 'just because' -- but even my impulse buying habits won't allow me to do that for them!

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oh my gosh, i don't post jokes that often, but this is so true to form...should i send it to my family to help remove me from their spam lists? :-)

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jut got back from a small extended weekend, so apologies for the reprint here (i'm sure it is all over the underbelly right now)...

see ScottGu post for full details...highlights:

  • "Atlas" v1.0 will ship before next release of VS
  • Features may be different than current CTP
  • Naming: Microsoft AJAX Library (Client), ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions (Server), ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit (Atlas control toolkit)

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nick pointed it our here that vista hit the rc1 milestone!  right now it is available for beta and early adopter program customers.  hopefully there will be information in a few weeks (or less) for a broader availability.

for developers, be on the lookout in your local area for installfests that may occur and get you running on the latest and greatest!

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tired of hacking around with registry entries on getting the 'command prompt here' on your context menu?

in vista, Shift + right click shows the 'Open Command Window here' option: