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while waiting for my plane today, miguel ferrer was waiting too (for a different flight right next to us).  i saw a few people look at him with curiousity as i was, trying to place the face.  i didn’t know his name, but only knew him as the guy who was snorting cocaine on some woman’s bosom in robocop…but i knew he was on some nbc show i don’t watch.

Miguel Ferrer

it was funny to watch people try to figure out where they know someone.

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i use gmail as a shell for a free spam filter basically.  (why don't you use hotmail tim?)  well, if passport wasn't in the way and i didn't feel like i was logging in to 3 different sites because i got bounced around to 4 different pages, then i might use it more (the new hotmail UI is nice).

i digress...

gmail spam filter is pretty good.  it catches most everything.  the weird thing is i'm curious why it catches everything but RUSSIAN email.  seriously...it figures out when some is trying to send me some funky ad for male enlargements with mis-spelled words so it can 'trick' the system, but when i get mail with russian all over it, it keeps it in my inbox.

gmail -- take a lesson from outlook -- let me define junk mail by language/locale...

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the web application project release candidate is available now!

download link: wap rc1

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a colleague of mine was just chatting w/me about feedreader.  i thought i’d check the download counts and was amazed at the number…holy cow — talk about an ego boost!



yes, i know there are still problems with some features of feedreader.  i’ve been holding off on the source code because the place where i want the source to live isn’t ready yet…more on that later.


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On Wednesday, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 AM, the time and date will be:

01:02:03 04/05/06.

unless of course you aren't in the US, then it will be 01:02:03 05/04/06, but that isn't so much fun is it.