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now this is cool…

iPod Nano

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While nothing can replace in-room training (especially with SimonA!), a few people have asked if we will be repeating the VS2005 courses in the future.

While the short answer is "yes" -- here's an immediate alternative for you to look at. I personally prefer getting in-class training (and that way I can give out some books/swag as well), but these serve as a supplement and alternative for those whose schedules cannot make it.

Visit this site:

http://www.msvirtualclassroom.net/ for a list of upcoming online virtual classes.

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msdn events is coming to tucson…

on october 4, 2005, msdn events will be in tucson, az at the loes catalina theater.

topic: Rule the Web with ASP.NET 2.0

register: tucson msdn event

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AppDev is offering some free training materials on asp.net v2:


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i’m traveling again…but as i continue to travel i notice things a lot more…especially in airports.

today at sky harbor, i waited in the security line as they asked me to ensure my belt buckle was removed and my shoes removed.  as i’m doing this i notice all airline employees and pilots able to pass through freely, not being required to do the same…and they have shoes (note: i travel wearing my birkenstocks now in hopes i don’t have to take them off — hasn’t happened yet).  i felt a little odd that certain people get special treatment.  shouldn’t security be security?

then while i’m waiting at the gate to board the plane i notice a lot of standby passengers getting on this flight (phoenix to las vegas).  one woman got her ticket, then the gate attendant came around the counter and looked at the passengers shoes — then she called a supervisor over to look at them (note: the woman was wearing teva sandals).  i thought this was odd.  i then learned it was an airline employee flying standby…they had rules on what they could wear when they fly on the airline…huh, i thought…

this time i was prepared for my travel…got the linksys travel router for my trips now…easier than relying on any wireless network existing.  it took a few steps to get the standard hotel accept function working and a few hacks/mac clones…but it worked…highly recommended.  that combined with my igo power adapter make great travel companions.