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we finished up our west region de meeting and went out on the town.

we ended up at some saddle ranch restaurant at universal citywalk.

one of my counterparts, jmauer, got motivated to implement a “windows vista” inspired mohawk (it seemed appropriate to leave the red-eye in):

jmauer and woodyp

prior to a late dinner, i caught up with some phoenix guys (scott cate and brad meade) and scott showed me a bit of what he’s going to be showing at PDC this week with myKb.com:

me, scot cate, brad meade  mykb.com v5 new UI and features — ajax style ;-)

we went to some saddle ranch place for dinner…that just happened to have a mechanical bull:

woodyp   jmauer
woodyp                                                                             jmauer

it was a pretty good time, but having been up at 5am, i was a bit tired…

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“…on the road to PDC…” — seems like a common posting these days.  well, i shall be no different.

i’m actually going to PDC earlier to meet with my team prior and get some things hashed out with our goals for the year.

i’m really excited about this year’s PDC.  a lot of local community champions are going to be there and even two of them are exhibiting: Axosoft (Hamid Shojaee) and myKB.com (Scott Cate).  it will be really cool to see these guys exhibiting at PDC — it’s a large cost i know, but i think they’ll get gret value, exposure, etc. out of it.

i’ll be starting out tomorrow attending the regional director side meeting, with our local rd, michael Palermo.  then the community gang should be rolling in town and we’ll get going!

tuesday’s keynote sounds promising, with all different aspects of the dev teams being represnted…which should be interesting to see!

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from one of my friends heading to Copenhagen…an email:

Tim, I am onboard SAS 937 flying across the Atlantic.  They have satellite wireless connectivity, and it really works.

now that is cool.

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Tucson, AZ MSDN Event: Registration Link
10/04/2005 1:00PM
2320 North Campbell Ave.
Tucson, Arizona 85719

Albuquerque, NM MSDN Event: Registration Link
10/06/2005 1:00PM
10000 NW Coors Blvd
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87114

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now this is cool…

iPod Nano