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if you aren't aware of channel9, you might want to take a look every once in a while.  they do some pretty cool interviews with various people behind the walls at MS -- as well as industry events and key people.

most recently, the c9 group was able to grap about 10 minutes with steve ballmer...someone who i admire for his enthusiasm and committment to software developers.

take a look here: channel 9 speaks to ms ceo

note: is it me or did scoble misread what ballmer said? ballmer said “the future is so bright we need shades” and to which scoble replied something to the effect of “yeah, i wore jeans right into the ceo's office” -- i think he heard “shades” as “jeans” -- kudos to ballmer for not correcting him on the spot ;-) -- but i got a little chuckle out of it!

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Interested in writing your own providers for ASP.NET 2.0? Need some guidance and sample code?

Check out: Access Providers 

These are the Access providers that were pulled from the "official" release, but are being distributed above.

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