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need to know the name of a song, but don't know who sings it or anything else?

when you hear it, call 866-411-SONG, hold your cell phone up to the speaker...and wait for your SMS message with the title/artist.

i tried it twice with Psycho Killer from the Talking Heads and Cowboy Song from Thin Lizzy and it worked both times.

of course, my cell phone is now strewn across the dialers of the world i'm sure, but still...pretty cool.

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wow.  a month and a half before the event and it is sold out.  a key to getting to teched (even a sold out one) is to get involved in your community (user groups, local events, etc) -- get to know your regional director and your evangelist team for your area.

community thought leaders generally can get “stuff” even when “stuff” isn't available ;-)

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Join us for tomorrow's AZGroups user group meeting at interface.

Michele Leroux Bustamante will be speaking.  Exact details at: http://www.azgroups.com/Page.Events.Event-12.aspx


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a good resource summation of the go-live licensing: http://blogs.msdn.com/release_team/archive/2005/04/18/409268.aspx

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want to go to some free office developer training?

want to learn about

  • VSTO – visual studio tools for office
  • VSTO vs. VBA
  • IBF – information bridge framework

want to see demos of this and walk away with some working knoweldge of the upcoming (and current) methods of developing solutions using office?


May 4–5: http://www.microsofttraining.com/dev Class ID: 303733