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check it out...www.xmlrad.com

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a recent isp issued caused me to remember just exactly what “uptime” means...here's a little taste:

guarantee %allowable downtime annually
99.9999holy crap < 1 minute (six sigma)
99.9995.2 minutes (famous "5 nines")
99.9952.5 minutes
99.9525.6 minutes (8.76 hours)
995256 minutes (87.6 hours)
if you are "lucky" to have a provider giving you a 90% guarantee, congrats, you could be down for an acceptable 36.5 days per year

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if you develop sites that leverage activex (yes, that includes the flash movie player) or some variations of java applets, you should know that microsoft is making changes soon on how ie deals with them.

plan ahead and take a look now.

since macromedia flash is a popular one, they have also updated their faq on the issue.

wonder why this is happening...isn't litigation great?

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after reading SNIMTA's faq about there software, i found these quotes amusing:

Q. Do I really have to install Microsoft's .NET framework?
Yes. Quit snivelling, or purchase the source and port it back to whatever neolithic pre-.NET environment you want.

Q. How do I change the "SNIMTA_SPAM" subject tag to something else?
Purchase the source and do it yourself.  (Or turn off WussMode, you pansy!) 

tell it like it is SNIMTA...

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just found out about feed demon...this one is great and has an awesome user interface...check it out