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U.S. Army logoJust doing some getting caught up from my holiday recently and I was reminded of a “line of business” application that was completed in Silverlight for the United States Army.  It is a bit of a supply chain management application…where the supply is soldiers!

This is a pretty cool application that was taken from a full client (Windows Forms) application and brought to Silverlight by ProModel.  They specialize in supply and demand issues.  Take a look at the interview/demo that Adam Kinney did with Dan Hickman of ProModel.  Sure, it would have been cool to have a drill sergeant do the demo, but I’m guessing they are busy right now.

What is pretty cool is that ProModel chose to use IdeaBlade’s DevForce Silverlight to implement the solution.  Using this helped them get from zero to something quickly and not worry about plumbing and integration code.  Some of the user experience for the assignments as well (as seen in the demo) was pretty cool.  Some other background behind the solution:

Hearing Dan talk about it and seeing the final product, it seems like they were really able to concentrate on the end-user interaction with the experience without re-learning a lot of data access with Silverlight.  Check out the demonstration above and also be sure to check out the solution they used, DevForce Silverlight!

(and yes, I know that Lee Ermey is a Marine, but c’mon…isn’t he *the* drill instructor?)

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