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i've been at OSCON all week (more day 3 posts coming up soon).  while i was out, if you are a microsoft dev, you no doubt saw the flurry of announcements of visual studio 2008 beta 2 (with golive), .net 3.5, and rc1 releases.

for the silverlight goodness, you can check out all the new stuff:

and some of the new tools releases

silverlight rc1 also includes a 'refresh' to the alpha version (v1.1) of silverlight, so you'll want to grab that if you are doing the v1.1 development.  because there are breaking changes between beta and this release candidate, samples/sites you may have visited may not work as expected.  in fact, you may have the latest plugin installed (which is now self-updating btw), but go to a site and see the "install beta" image.  if you see this (and know you have the latest plugin installed) it is likely because the author hasn't updated their site yet.  you should contact the author/site...tell them to contact me, i'll help them get it updated and understand the breaking changes.

in fact, some of our great silverlight applications out there now have already been updated!

the guys at already readied their game, , for the refresh of silverlight.  Lt. Bennett is back in the game ready for your high score attempts.  go check it out!

here are some others that have been updated:

know of others that were updated?  post them here!  with all of the updates, it is time for a re-pave of my machine for me...i've done a few too many betas/alphas/uninstalls in the past week to make me sick.  i'm going to drop the old box into the pep boys for a tune up...

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