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Want a Silverlight-branded XBOX console?  Yeah, me too, that would be cool.  Well, there isn’t one of those, but there is a chance for you to show your Silverlight prowess and win some cool stuff.

The RIA development portal at DevX is currently running a contest (which ends next week, yikes, hurry!) for creating games in Silverlight 2.  The contest seems relatively simple:

Step 1: Create wicked cool game in Silverlight 2
Step 2: Host it on Silverlight Streaming

How simple is that…oh yeah, except for the ‘creating game’ part.  There are a few places to help you get started creating games in Silverlight.  Check out the Silverlight Games 101 site which has some great posts and pointers to help in creating casual games. 

The prizes are an XBOX 360 (sorry, not Silverlight branded), an 80GB Zune and a game bundle including Halo 3 and Mass Effect.

So head over to the RIA Run site and get all the details to get submitted by 15 MAY!!!

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