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well, not mine specifically, but similar, just in a different location.  my team (developer and platform evangelism) is hiring in northern california (bay area) for a developer evangelist.  i think we have a really fun team and working in the bay area would be exciting (if i think my family would move, i'd consider moving).

what is a developer evangelist?  great question.  i truly believe it is what you make of it.  geographical areas are different, developer needs are different...but essentially our goal is the same.  i believe that goal to be a liaison for the development communities to microsoft.  there's a lot of "stuff" that goes into what that means for me, but you get to work on and other latest technologies , hang out with developers, go to conferences and speak, and work with a good group of people.

you can read the full job post details at the career site: developer evangelist, norcal.  if it sounds interesting, submit a resume.  got any questions?  let me know.  one of the other developer evangelists up there is my colleague and friend, .  you can check out his blog to see what he's up to in that area.

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