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Among my other passions besides technology is food.  Truth be told I only have cable television so I can get the Food network.  Seriously…my TiVo proves it.  My wife has always said that if I had my druthers I’d have my own restaurant and attempt to be a chef…and she’s probably right.  In fact I’m going to add that to my rolling 5 year plan: own a dive shop in Cancun and have a BBQ cafe as a part of it.

I recently was turned on to this site Get Your Grill On which is a blog of sorts about grilling and smoking.  There was one recipe that I’ll be trying soon that is making your own pastrami…sounds easy enough so I am going to give it a go.  In that recipe during the smoking process the site referenced a preference to Dizzy Pig BBQ dry rubs.  Last year I had the privilege of attending a cooking school with my fellow colleagues while in Seattle.  It was actually one of the funnest “meetings” I had been to (you know, morale events can sometimes be bland) second only to the river rafting trip we took earlier that year.  At that cooking school myself and Dave Bost were responsible for rubbing the pork…wait that doesn’t sound right – responsible for preparing the pork tenderloin.  We basically guessed on some seasons that I really didn’t think smelled all that great but after it cooked, man it was some of the best dry rub I’d had…and I adopted my new learnings into my own dry rub.

After reading on the GYGO and Dizzy Pig site I decided to try some of theirs.  They sent me my order as well as a sample of some others.  I couldn’t resist one of the samples they sent: Swamp Venom.  I mean, c’mon…you have to try that right?  Tonight we fired up some chicken with some Swamp Venom.  Holy crap was it good.  So if you don’t have a special dry rub recipe or are looking for something with a little more kicked-upness, get yourself some Dizzy Pig Swamp Venom!

Thanks Dizzy Pig!

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