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One of my colleagues, Corrina, pointed me today to some research her team is conducting on user experience with Visual Studio and Silverlight.  From her post today,

…that my co-workers on the Visual Studio User Experience Team are doing focused on professional and non-professional web/application developers. The research involves…

  • A short survey
  • A telephone interview to discuss your development experiences

A gratuity will be offered to individuals selected to participate in the telephone interview, and selection for interviews is based on responses to the survey. The gratuity is either a $25 Visa/American Express gift card or select Microsoft software titles.

If you are a professional or non-professional web/application developer and would like to be involved in this research, please check out her post for more information at the top.

Also Corrina is the one who has been creating the application template themes I’ve posted about.  We’ve been talking more about how people use themes that we provide as well as the Silverlight Toolkit themes.  Corrina’s looking for some insight as well:

One last thing, I have a few theme questions that I would appreciate your feedback on...

  • Do these themes help you get started building your applications (act as inspiration, learning tools...), and, if not, why not?
  • Do you use these theme's 'as is' with little modification when building your applications?
  • What type of themes would you like to see in the future (what would help you be more productive when building your applications)?

Check out her post and participate in the feedback if you can!

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