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At PDC09, Glenn Block delivered a great presentation on building extensible RIAs using the Managed Extensibility Framework (FT24 from the PDC09 sessions).  Glenn is one of the PMs and face-man for MEF.  He’s been traveling all around singing the praises of MEF for .NET developers and gathering feedback along the way.  You may remember Glenn from his work with the Prism framework as well.  I snagged Glenn at the end of PDC to grab a sound-byte:

Glenn has already started a series on MEF in Silverlight starting with the basics and then continuing along deeper.

These two initial posts are helpful to anyone who hasn’t started at all with MEF and understanding the value of implementing an extensible Silverlight application.  I know Glenn has more up his sleeves and I’ve been thinking on ideas with him as well (trying to learn MEF myself) so be sure to stay tuned for more excellent posts by Glenn on MEF and Silverlight!

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