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There are some really great application concepts emerging using Silverlight.  I cam across two that I feel are really demonstrating great use of the technology, both in the code as well as attention to detail in the user interface.  Both of these examples make great use of layouts, controls, etc. within Silverlight 2 to show what is possible with some imagination and the platform.

The first is the “My Travel Management” site which leverages real travel information to represent the scenario of looking at flight arrangements.  It definitely is a twist on the Silverlight Airlines, providing a little more detail (and real information) about flights as well as unique visualizations on changing your travel parameters.  It uses somewhat of the Office 2007 ribbon style for creating user input options and then displays the results with what I think is a well done visualization of information.  Play around and you’ll see what I mean:

The second is a newcomer demonstrating a user interface for a full-featured healthcare application.  The “Patient Journey Demonstrator” takes the concept of individual patient care and shows the lifecycle of a patient through the care process, providing views for physicians, secondary care, etc.  There is a lot going on in this demonstration and provides different perspectives on controlling layout, custom controls, map integration, media integration, you name it, this one pretty much has it!

Great job to the teams who wrote these applications, keep the great work coming!

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