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my wife desperately wanted to watch the new nbc talent show thing.  i reluctantly set the tivo (repaired after a new hard drive from weaknees.com).

while feeding my newborn tonight i watched it.  or tried to.

(note: what follows is what is commonly referred to in the english language as an ‘opinion’ — it is mine…feel free to differ.)

i cannot believe that show exists.  find america’s best talent?  in what category?  apparently juggling, horn honking, snapping fingers, singing, magic, comedy, and stripping all in one!  how can you honestly find the best talent when you are mixing all the genres together (don’t get me wrong, i like juggling, but it shouldn’t be put up against a 14 year old who can sing like whitney houston).

and all this hype about regis philbin hosting.  he’s essentially playing the rod roddy of the show, doing nothing but calling people out of the audience…he played no commentary, offered no opinion on the acts or the judges contribution, etc. — i hope he’s getting paid a lot.  and then you have the judges with ‘X’ buzzers akin to the family feud.  who designed this show?  interns?

and hasselhoff…

seriously…he had it made with baywatch, does well in germany.  but his antics on this show are an embarrassment to himself, his attempt at dancing and being whimsical on queue…kitt, where are you?

this ‘talent search’ is a waste of precious bits across our airwaves, i am sick of every american idol-ish spinoff that thinks they can make it — some have, but i hope this one doesn’t.

the show is a train wreck.  and fortunately for them, because of that, it might be a must see just to know what idiocracy is happening…

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