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I subscribe to a lot of feeds.  I read a lot of them, and a lot I skim.  But I also make sure I subscribe to things that break up my day.  Here’s some of my favorites if you haven’t seen them before:

  • FAILblog.org – the classic.  All things wrong.
  • AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com – stop right now and subscribe.  When I’m feeling down I go here.  Seriously.  I’ve also had a photo of my sister I’ve been threatening to post there.
  • UgliestTattoos.com (warning some NSFW) – I’m am seriously amazed what people put on their bodies.  I’ve got tattoos…but I’m mean…for real?
  • Photoshop Disasters – no graphic advertising intern can sneak crap past these guys.
  • There I Fixed It – amazing how resourceful people are ;-)

Just a little bit of syndicated humor does wonders.

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