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It’s getting to be that time of year again…PDC!!!  For those who may not know, “PDC” is the beloved TLA for Microsoft’s Professional Developer Conference.  This is it.  The geeks conference.  If you are a bit twiddler, this is for you.  PDC is where most of the forward-looking stuff is revealed.  It is also where certain executives come out for their semi-annual keynote ;-).

Microsoft PDC logo

PDC is in their 14th year!  Amazing.  The conference, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from 17-19 NOV (with pre-cons happening on 16-NOV), will be awesome.  Learn about new stuff, see things you haven’t even heard of yet, and network with the industry’s best.  Silverlight will have some representation there of course and you can see some hints already on the session listings:

It is going to be a great PDC for Silverlight and I will definitely be there to hang out with the developers and listen to your feedback about Silverlight and see what you are doing with it.  Follow PDC09 on Twitter or search for #pdc09 for information updates.

Join me in LA!  And if anyone wants to help me find the Kogi BBQ truck while there this time, let me know ;-)

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