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Ian Ellison-TaylorI’ve been watching Ariel’s blog for a while and really like the insight.  What is it? Microspotting, where she describes “Like the paparazzi, but for geeks.”

I would say similar to the core tenet of Channel 9, Microspotting has the intent of turning the looking glass inward to get some profiles of key individuals you might recognize within Microsoft.  What is great is that the story is augmented by another of Ariel’s talents: photography.  She’s pretty good and I’ve enjoyed the photos that accompany the profiles and stories.

From her site:

My name is Ariel and Microspotting is the place where I collect my photos and ramblings about the supposedly-Evil Empire and what it’s really like to work here.Now I creep around campus talking to my favorite kinds of people: geeks who are passionate about what they do.

Some of my favorite profiles:

I’m sure I’m not high-profile enough (or geographically desirable for a profile anyway), but if I was, I could see a photo shoot with massive beads of sweat rolling down my forehead as I lean against a saguaro cactus…or maybe just an office shot?

Anyway, it’s an interesting insight into not only developers, but interesting profiles into Microsoft culture.  Check out Microspotting.

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