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If you’re a pro Silverlight developer, this post isn’t for you.  Just a brief update that I’ve updated some of our getting started material for beginners – those who really haven’t done anything.  These will be showing up on the Silverlight Community Site soon, but I wanted to post a link to it here first.

Getting Started with Silverlight Development is a 7-part series where I aim to do my best in trying to stuff as much as possible about Silverlight development in a simple application we develop at different steps.  It uses:

  • Navigation
  • Styles/templates
  • Data Templates
  • Data binding
  • Value Converters
  • Silverlight Toolkit controls
  • Isolated Storage
  • Network connectivity
  • Web service requests to a public service
  • Out-of-browser experiences

I hope that it is simple enough for beginners to follow but also provide a broad spectrum of capabilities to the beginner.  Full code in C# and Visual Basic is provided.

Hope this helps!

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