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well, even though i haven't seen them, i'm impressed with the announcement.  maybe i switched too soon, but i still stand by my decision based on my personal needs (car aftermarket oem integration).  regardless, here's what the new zunes will bring...

    • 80GB and 4/8GB flash versions
    • new Zunes will have new UI and features..."old" Zune users will get those features as well!
    • native codecs for h.264 and MPEG-4 -- no need for only WMV
    • WiFi sync to host machine
    • Podcast support!!
    • Zune software is completely re-written apparently and although i haven't seen it i'm hoping it isn't a re-badging of WMP still.
    • Zune music store is going to have DRM-free music in MP3 format for over 1 million tunes.

this is a pretty impressive lineup of features.  i think it is way cool that the software on the device is backward compat with original zunes.  to me, that is huge.  it acknowledges early adopters and doesn't leave those feeling like they are "stuck" with a v1 device...that is huge in my opinion.

the other features sound great as well.  i can't wait to see the new software to make a decision on how good it is.

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