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you may remember the result of EOLAS litigation a while back.  yes, the one resulting in what some feel is the annoying 'click to activate' functionality/feature/whatever that resulted when web authors chose to directly use <embed> or <object> tags in content, usually flash.

this, of course, is mitigated when script creates the content, such as what silverlight does by default as well as the SWFObject script that many flash developers use (and if not, they should be).  well, while i still think a good practice in some instances, we may be looking at a solution.

pete lepage of the internet explorer teams posts about an update coming soon (ctp in Dec 2007) that will remove that.  seems that microsoft has now licensed the technologies from Eolas and enabling internet explorer users to have a better experience.

let's all say it at once: yaaay!

my only complaint.  the naming.  sigh.  c'mon seriously: Internet Explorer Automatic Component Activation Preview -- are you serious?  how about just IE SP1?  oh well, we can continue to make fun of "mr. microsoft product naming guy" but the benefits really are in the technologies.

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