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one of my favorite network shows is 'the office' (other than that i think the reality shows suck.  damages (on fx network) season finale was pretty decent by the way, not great, but decent.

anywhoo... it seems second life is making it's way all over the entertainment world.  apparently csi:ny had second life on it and then on the latest episode of 'the office' my favorite character (other than creed), dwight shrute, pursues second life.  in his words:

"second life is not a game...it doesn't have points, scores, it doesn't have winners or losers." (jim: 'oh it has losers')

dwight then goes on to say:

"i signed up for second life about a year ago.  back then my life was so great that i literally wanted a second one.  in my second life i was also a paper salesman, and was also named dwight. absolutely everything was the same...except i could fly."

the show is hilarous...you can watch it on nbc.com for free after 2PM tomorrow apparently (i love how networks are doing this now).  later in the show dwight's world is discovered where he has acquired land in second life and called it "second second life."


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