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got an email today about something i hadn't seen yet, another silverlight 2.0 game, Pirates!  cameron emailed me about a cool prototype he's working on with the engine.  here's a shot:

as cameron puts it:

"The goal of the game will be to attain the buried fortune of a long dead pirate named Rough Hand James. He created a map to his treasure and scattered the pieces all across the globe. It will be your adventure to find those map pieces and locate the treasure. You will start out on your ship with the first clue to the treasure and along the way you may encounter the Royal Navy, sea monsters and other pirates. You will engage in sea and land battles, loot merchant vessels and follow clues through towns, uncharted waters and wilderness all to find the greatest fortune every massed by one pirate."

awesome...'rough hand james' -- nice.  check out cameron's blog to follow some of the interesting things he's finding along the way with both silverlight as well as creating some artificial intelligence for gaming.  i can't wait to see what cameron thinks of silverlight 2.0!

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