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Silverlight MVP and friend, Joel Neubeck, has started a series in the Expression Newsletter.  The first article is available now and is part of a 6-part series in building a casual game in Silverlight:

    • Getting Started – Architecture / framework
    • Movement and collision detection
    • Design – Sprites, boards and dialogs
    • Animations and sound
    • Initialization and Deployment
    • Advanced concepts (Physics, Multiplayer, Optimization)

This first article talks about some of the framework that will be used, specifically an MVC model:

“In Silverlight development, MVC is an excellent way to support role specific tools such as Visual Studio for the developers and Expression Blend for designers and animators.  Using MVC in a game ensures a foundation that isolates a developer’s ability to control state (position, movement and collisions) while allowing designers full control over how game elements are rendered.”

This should be a good series to watch and add to your toolbox for developing casual games in Silverlight 2.

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