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I have the pleasure of being invited to participate in two Silverlight events coming up soon (one very soon).  These are a part of a “firestarter” event that is intended to get you familiar with certain technologies, in this case Silverlight, rather quickly and gain a better understanding for the overall platform offerings.  I’m excited to have been invited to participate in both the Atlanta and Seattle events.

Silverlight Firestarter Atlanta

The first one will be in Atlanta, Georgia on 22-August!  It’s been quite some time since I’ve been to Atlanta and I’m very happy to be going to hang out with Silverlight developers there.

Atlanta Silverlight firestarter logo

The agenda looks to be a good one if you are in the area.  It is a free event to attend and will be hosted at the Microsoft office in Alpharetta.  Apparently it is already booked full for registration.  You can find out more information about the plans, location, and schedule at the minisite.  Be sure to check out the Bios section to see the star studded experts that will be there!  Wildermuth said that he’d take me to the largest aquarium…I’m hoping that’s not a ploy to get me eaten by some giant whale shark or something.  I’ll settle for BBQ if we can’t make it to the aquarium Shawn!

Silverlight Firestarter Seattle

Well, technically Redmond, but who’s counting :-).  This event on 17-September will be held at the conference center on the Microsoft campus.  Registration is required, so make sure you register now if you plan on attending.

Seattle Silverlight firestarter logo

This is a pretty packed agenda with some great folks, including Scott Guthrie, Brad Abrams, Adam Kinney, Justin Angel and Karl Shifflett.  I’m honored that Scott would open up for me ;-).  Seriously though, this looks like it will be a good time!  Adam posted his vision on how the day will go.  I better start working on those loads!  Again, registration is required, so make sure you go do that now.

Hope to see you at one of these!

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