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After looking at the options available for WordPress plugins for Silverlight, I found one that was outdated and the author’s URL looked to be broken.  So I adapted/updated the plugin to work again.

I’ve now provided the Silverlight Plugin for WordPress for an easy way to host Silverlight applications within your WordPress content.  You can get the plugin via the WordPress plugin directory by searching on Silverlight or clicking here.

Once downloaded, unzip the contents in your /wp-content/plugins directory.  You’ll then be able to activate the plugin and start working with it.  Adding content is as simple as adding this text to your post:

[silverlight: myapp.xap]

And you will have your content in your post.  You can optionally specify the width, height and minimum Silverlight version required.

Version 1.0.3 (31 MAR 2009) includes:

  • Ability to add local/absolute Silverlight applications (XAP)
  • Optionally set width/height/minRuntimeVersion of the Silverlight host plugin
  • Optionally provide initParams to the plugin

Silverlight Media Player (new 2010!)

I also have a Silverlight Media Player for WordPress which is built on top of the Silverlight Media Framework.  It is also as simple as tagging content and supports any Silverlight-supported video type, including IIS Smooth Streaming:

[sl-media: http://mysite.com/myhomemovie.mp4]

You can find this and the installation/configuration details page in the WordPress plugin directory as well!

Please leave a comment for things you’d like to see or bugs you find!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

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