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well, in my previous examples, i was using a free linux hoster.  i found another one that was much more reliable from a responsiveness standpoint, but found a snag and wanted to share.

you see on some free hosters, in order to be free they'll add banner adds to your pages.  for my purposes, who cares.  i signed up with this particular one and none of my samples were working.  huh, weird i thought.  until you look at the error message of 'unknown namespace' from silverlight.  ahh...

you see what the free host was doing was injecting their banner ad code into *every* served request.  so when the xaml page was requested, it was being injected into the root of the xaml, thus putting in stuff like <div>my banner ad</div> before the root <Canvas> node.  the silverlight parser looked at that and said 'sorry man, homey don't play that.'

argh, off to find another...anyone know of a good free linux host (ad supported is okay as long as it doesn't do the above)?

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