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wow, what a day, i'm sure you're reading all about it but here's some recap:

and holy cow here's the news for developers:

microsoft officially partners with novell to deliver moonlight as the silverlight implementation for linux.  booyah.  you can read all the details about it here.  great job to the microsoft team on the legal mumbo jumbo, and great job to miguel and team for getting this through.  the plan is that novell will release moonlight no later than 6 months from silverlight 1.0 release (today)...with the aggressiveness of the mono team i'd imagine sooner.

so just suse linux right?  apparently not!  as long as the distro supports running mono, moonlight should run in that environment as well.  what about codecs?  the codecs required to support silverlight content (media) will be from Microsoft.  the installer for moonlight that novell provides will/should make including these codecs a seamless process.  in case you don't get this...that's a big deal.

that sound?  yeah, my jaw dropping.  me likey.  oh, and wicked cool halo3 hd video

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