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okay, if you don't know justin-josef angel, that is a shame, the dude is smart.  he's an mvp for microsoft and has been active in the silverlight community now, trying to really start the community thinking different on extending silverlight.  lately he's done just that.

anyone who has ever had to develop a global application knows the challenges of ensuring localization.  it is perhaps one of my weakest spots as a developer and i'm sure a lot of others as well.  since justin-josef speaks arabic and hebrew he wanted to tackle this problem...rtl language display in .  thus enter the Silverlight Arabic and Hebrew languages support project (SAAHLSP; just kidding the acronym is mine, but there is a job for justin in microsoft product naming in his future).

Rendering Comparison

Normal Silverlight

Silverlight Hebrew and Arabic Support

RTL (Right-to-Left): Not Supported
Align-to-right: Not Supported
RTL: Supported
Alight-to-Right: Supported

way to go!  this project really shows the power of having the .net framework when silverlight 1.1 comes to light and the extensibility you can add to this platform, empowering the developer to makes these extensions.

the project has several learning points to it if you are interested...

great work!

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