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For things that aren’t a part of the Visual Studio tools (yet) and things that help me move faster in my development, I like to take advantage of the power of Visual Studio’s templates and snippets capabilities.  I’ve created a few and modified a few of others that I use regularly.  I’ve shown them in a few presentations and thought I’d package them up in a single bundle for your convenience if you choose to use them.  I was going to package Robby’s snippets up as well, but didn’t think he’d appreciate that…you should get his Silverlight snippets as well (and he’s packaged them in a VS community installer also).

Here’s the ones that I have in my package right now:

  • FloatableWindow item template – this is from my adaptation of ChildWindow.  You’ll of course need the binary for this to make any sense as well.
  • Silverlight Pixel Shader item template – adapted from the WPF template, with making the minor adjustments needed by default to make it work in one shot.
  • ResourceDictionary item template – using Nick Kramer’s base for adding stand alone ResourceDictionary files to your project (to take advantage of the merged resource feature in Silverlight 3).
  • Cross-domain policy file item template – rapidly add one just like you would web.config.  You still have to set the desired security – I chose not to imply one for you :-)
  • Cross-domain policy code snippet – this actually goes along with the policy file (or replacement) which is a VS code snippet template if you want to just use that instead

I’m sure I’ll add more over time and package it in this update but for now this is what I could pull together.  Sorry the package isn’t signed as a verified publisher…if I could figure out how to do that I would have tried :-).  You can download them here: SilverlightVSHelpers_1.vsi.  Oh and yes, they are for Visual Basic and C#.

Hope this helps!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

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