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It’s that time again…beginning of a new month!  That means that Smashing Magazine has released their monthly wallpaper pictures again.

Not as many St. Patrick’s themed ones as I would have expected.  Here are your March 2010 Windows 7 Theme Packs for the wallpapers though…including all images (note: some ‘without calendar’ images are not provided by the authors) unfiltered.

For details on these and to see past ones, visit the Smashing Magazine Windows 7 Theme information for the specifications I used for the theme pack as well as previous themes.  Want to participate and submit yours?  Join in!

NOTE: I know last month had some issues with the .themepack files.  I tested these ones on 2 computers and was able to install them.  My previous issue appears to have been with creating the packs on a 64-bit machine which I’m investigating with the Windows team.

Special thanks to the Windows Team Blog for hosting these theme packs for us all!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

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