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November is here…time for an updated Windows 7 Smashing Magazine theme pack!

UX Cake


The November themes mostly concentrate on a lot of fall themes.  I am particular fond of Movember and UX Cake (both shown above) as well as the Hendrix one with the lyrics – pretty cool.  So here is your November 2010 Windows 7 Theme Packs for wallpapers – unfiltered and uncensored – about 50 wallpapers in all.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: The service I use to host these theme packs, drop.io, has been acquired by Facebook (weird, huh?).  They will be shutting down their service 15-Dec-2010.  If you like any of the previous theme packs, please go download them now as they will be shut down.  I have no intention of re-uploading them to another service for the past ones.  I will be switching to using TransferBigFiles.com which has a great service that you should check out.

For details on these and to see past ones, visit the Smashing Magazine Windows 7 Theme information for the specifications I used for the theme pack as well as previous themes.  Want to participate and submit yours?  Join in!

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