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Je viens en Belgique pour MIX!

MIX Essentials Logo In one of my previous posts I made reference to the MIX Essentials event happening in Belgium later this month (24 APR).  Well, it turns out that I will be there!  I'll be speaking on Silverlight 2 and creating rich applications and am joining the company of Gil Cleeren and Catherine Heller...oh yeah and Ballmer (I tried to catch a ride with him, but couldn't cash in my frequent flyer miles).  My session will provide an overview of everything new in Silverlight 2 and how you can start building your applications using it today.  I'm hoping you all that will be attending will bring some great questions and not throw anything at me (unless it is euros, those are fine). 

I've only had one other trip to Europe ever (to Italy) and am looking forward to going to Belgium.  Everything I know about Belgium is from a recent show on Food TV, so I'm looking forward to some education :-)!  So I'm taking some travel tips from Scott Hanselman and getting things in order (already have the monster cable thanks to my peep Jason Mauer and I, too, highly recommend that one).  I look forward to seeing you there!

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