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Saw some posts today over at Don’s site about Surface.  The Surface SDK is starting to get more visible whereas before it seemed a little black-boxish to me.  Turns out (as we all knew) it really is just WPF with some unique Surface-like behaviors in the SDK.  Take this quick demonstration from a program manager on the SDK.  With using the same concepts that we use in WPF and Silverlight for data binding, etc. you can come up with a quick application using the inherent gesture support from a Surface device:

Pretty cool huh?  Same XAML concepts we apply in current work today, but instead of StackPanel, you add a ScatterView and boom, you get some of that simiplistic gesturing support.  Now I know we aren’t all running out to create a photo album viewer to stretch photos, but it’s a good demonstration of some of the simplicity in the SDK.  I kinda wish the ScatterView was actually a Silverlight control :-)

Regardless of your views on politics, here’s an implementation of Surface that MSNBC is starting to use in their newsroom.  I think this is a great use of the device and SDK…it shows a great use-case scenario (and the guy seems to be having fun with it)

Anyhow, I thought these were some great examples of the SDK and a non-entertainment/media) app in use.

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