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are you running windows vista beta 2 or later?  i am.  more about that some other time and my frustrations as a developer workstation!

at any result, one of the problems i’ve been having is getting use to the user access control features (basically run as a least privelege user).  i couldn’t take it anymore and made myself an administrator.  guess what, still didn’t help, imo (again, more about that when i have time to document the scenarios fully — after all, i’m giving the team a chance…it is beta ;-)).

UPDATE: pointed me to this post on how to turn off UAC

well, some of the MSI packages (namely the msi) distributed from the asp.net team will fail when installing on vista even if you are an admin.  why?  seriously, i’m trying to understand that myself.  but nonetheless, i know *where* they are failing — and it is essentially in some areas of installers and log files…minor, but important seeing how any failure in the process of the msi setup will rollback the setup!!!

so, in order to get around it, do this:

  • run a command prompt in elevated mode (right click on command prompt and choose run as administrator)…yeah, i know even if you are an administrator
  • in a command prompt use msiexec to start the install..like this:
msiexec /i <path-to-msi-package>

i’ve found that worked without error for me…good luck!

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