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i've suddenly (well okay, not suddenly, but now i've had the time) realized that twitter is pretty good at keeping in touch, especially at conferences, etc.  i wish that some partnership with facebook and twitter would occur.  i'm using both of them and wish there was only one place i could update my status that nobody cares about.

one thing is annoying me about twitter (and thankfully hasn't happened over at facebook yet ... at least with my circle of friends).  that is the one-sided conversation.  you know what i'm talking about.  the one where someone you are stalking following on twitter sends out a message in reply to a person you aren't following and you have no idea what it means.  here's an example from the last people who replied to me (names altered to protect the innocent -- note, i'm not innocent either...i'm just as guilty but am going to try to stop):

billygoat: @timheuer add more people heh

fuzzybunng: @timheuer: ever get to see them live?  the best show i ever saw was live

blippity: @timheuer business or pleasure?

as you can see, unless you were following the same people i was there is no context here, yet the messages were sent to anyone following you.  so what gives?  why do we feel the need to instant message the world of our followers with replies that aren't relevant or in context to them?  i plead with you, start using the "d" command...

now on to facebook... you see i never got into myspace.  i don't know why, perhaps it was the UI that just turned me away...i just never did.  but facebook i've been sorta diggin' -- probably because they have an API and the geek in me can't resist the code crack. 

but i did an expirement based on my research of myspace.  you see, in myspace i've learned (through my research with tweens in my family and neighborhood) that the 'currency' is friends.  even if people didn't know each other, there was something to be said about having 8 zillion friends on your profile.  so my curiosity got the best of me with facebook.  does this same currency exist in facebook?  would people accept me not ever have even crossed any relevant path in life and more than at least six degrees of separation even if there is any connection?  let the expirement begin.

i went about a quest trolling through friends of friends of friends.  i started to find a list of models (female) in los angeles.  perfect.  i picked about 5 of them (all with profile pictures that would make my wife question what i was doing on facebook -- note: she did.) and requested friend status.  within the day all accepted.  unbelievable.  i had never ever had any of this association with these people.  not even remotely.  i've since removed them all (sorry anastasia, it was fun while it lasted...was it good for you?) but am still astounded.

will social networks every be really valid and not just a breeding ground for trolls like myself?  how will we rid ourselves of this currency?  are friends the euros of social networks?

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