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Over the past year Sara Ford had created a Visual Studio tip-of-the-day feature of her blog that eventually was aggregated pretty much everywhere and also in the Visual Studio community page displayed within the product itself!  The tips were plenty and great…a ton of gems that you may not have known before and a subtle reminder that there is so much more to learn.

This year Scott Cate has decided to take this one step further.  He’s begun taking this tips concept and providing actual walk-through and visual demonstrations of these tricks.  One thing that I really like about this approach is that while I may skim through the text of a tip and thing “that’s interesting” I may never actually put it in practice because it’s only in text and not visual.  Seeing them in video helps me see the immediate value of taking the time to learn the tip and put it in practice and/or validates that the tip isn’t going to be helpful to how I use the tool.  If you’re a Visual Studio user, fire up a subscription to Scott’s VSTricks feed to get the videos and see what you’ve been missing (oh and a shameless plug that he’s chosen to use Silverlight to display the videos)!

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