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this morning, scottgu posted details on the roadmap for the .net web platform.  it is an exciting roadmap to me, so let me hit some of the highlights:

    • ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions - this will include the MVC framework, AJAX improvements, dynamic data support, asp.net and silverlight support, and ado.net data services (entity framework).  this release is expected to be available for download on the web next week in the first preview mode.
    • : because of the significant effort being made and features building in to the vNext version, we are changing the name going forward to reflect that effort -- thus silverlight 1.1 --> silverlight 2.0. we plan on releasing a beta of silverlight 2.0 in the first quarter of CY08 with a "go-live" license in limited scale. this silverlight 2.0 will include:
      • WPF UI framework
      • rich controls: core+some good stuff
      • networking support
      • rich base class library support
    • final release of IIS7 will be shipped as part of win2008 release early next year...for .net this is awesome as we (developers) will be able to better write code that sits closer to the pipe

i think all of these are great news.  of course i'm particularly excited about silverlight 2.0 changes/additions as i'll be finally able to start talking/showing things i've been holding back on because of the impending changes.  stay tuned to this blog for more tutorials that will encompass silverlight 2.0 features -- and of course, The Code Trip will feature silverlight and all of the above!

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