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I hope that you had a chance to download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.  One of the things that you will absolutely want to do is watch Jensen’s video as a video walk-through of Windows 8 features, focusing on working with the operating system as a user, introducing the gestures and things you want to know about.  It is a great, short video and you should definitely watch it:

As an avid keyboard user (and one without a touch device currently) I rely on the ‘desktop’ use of my Windows installation.  In addition to those things that Jensen mentions in his video, here’s a list of some helpful keyboard shortcuts…

Windows key + spacebarToggles between input languages and keyboard layout
Windows key + ,Peeks at the desktop
Windows key + EnterStarts Narrator
Windows Key + PgUpMoves full screen window (i.e., the new Metro UI) to the monitor on the left in multi-mon situations.
Windows Key + PgDnMoves full screen to the right
Windows Key + Shift + .
Windows Key + .
Snaps application and/or moves the snapped app to left/right
Windows Key + cOpens charms bar
Windows Key + iOpens Settings
Windows Key + kOpens Devices charm
Windows Key + hOpens Share charm
Windows Key + qOpens Search charm
Windows Key + wOpens Settings search
Windows Key + fOpens Files search
Windows Key + zToggle AppBar

These have been helpful for me to work through these new experiences quickly.  Hope this helps!

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