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just found out about a great feature on windows live maps.  how many times have you needed to provide directions to someone (or a group of people) that you may not know where they are coming from?  you could give them the address and have them map it out themselves, which is usually what most people do.

on your web site you might even enable them to see a map and enter an address for specific location directions, after all, that person might know better shortcuts than the mapping services right?  well, windows live maps has a feature which can give you (a website owner or just a party planner) both worlds.  it is implemented as '1 click directions' and here's how it works.

first go to windows live maps and enter an address to plot.  i'll use the scottsdale center for the arts, the location of where the azgroups.com team has arranged for scott guthrie and others from the silverlight team to come to phoenix for an event.  i typed in 'scottsdale center for the arts, scottsdale, az' and it gives me back some options.  i click on 1 click directions:

and it now gives me a map of the location with 4 different directional instructions from the north, south, east and west:

perfect little added value to this typical scenario.  now i can email someone that link, print it out for a party, or put the link on a website.  and it still gives the user control to start from a specific location:

so the end user gets the best of all worlds in their online direction searching!  thanks live maps!

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