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Today there was an event in San Francisco which introduced the Windows Store for Windows apps as well as some details on revenue sharing and policies.  As a part of that Antoine LeBland, Vice President for Windows Web Services, also opened up a new dialog about the store specifically in a new blog Windows Store for developers.  This blog will help developers learn about aspects of the store as well as serve as a place for dialog between the store teams and you, the app developer.  I think it is great that the store team is following in the footsteps of the Building Windows 8 blog and reaching out to share some of the high-level and, hopefully, behind-the-scenes aspect that makes up the store.  I look forward to future posts on the blog.

The inaugural post reviews the events that transpired today sharing some information for those who were not there, as well a a video clip of some of the highlights from Antoine and Ted:

The key store highlights discussed in the post are:

  • Designed for discovery – store will be searchable and permalink-able (is that a word?)
  • Flexible business models – including in-app trial upgrades, etc. as well as flexible payment options
  • Transparent terms – clear understanding of the terms as a developer/business
  • Best economics – you’ll have to read the post about the revenue split and advantages after certain milestones

In addition to this news, Microsoft announced a First Apps Contest.  The basics of this contest are that you have the opportunity to show your awesomeness to the world first.  The contest will select eight (8) winning apps to be the very first app in the Windows Store when it opens.  You’ll also get some goodies as a winner such as a Samsung Windows Developer PC and 2-years worth of subscription to the store as a developer.

The contest starts now, so be sure to read the rules and register and learn about what is required of you.  This is a great opportunity to be a first-mover in the Windows Store which will have some incredible reach opportunities for you as a developer.

I can’t wait to see the types and compelling experiences that developers will create with our platform…get started!

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