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By now hopefully you’ve seen a lot of the revealing of what the next version of Windows has in store for developers.  Trust me there is a LOT to absorb as the week continues and you should absolutely keep your eye on the BUILD conference site where session information will likely start to appear.

I know that a lot of readers here will be interested in the XAML-specific sessions so I thought I’d iterate them here real quick. 

NOTE: Anything on the agenda with a “C” after the session number is a chalk talk and is not recorded.  These are more interactive sessions for QA with attendees.

Again, there is a lot to cover so be sure to spelunk the sessions on the site for more things that might interest you, but here are the XAML-specific ones from our team and some ones I felt relevant to my readers:

  • [APP-737T] WED 11:30 AM (Joe Stegman) Metro style apps using XAML: what you need to know
  • [APP-741T] WED 02:00 PM (Marco Matos): Metro style apps using XAML: Make your app shine
  • [TOOL-479T] WED 02:00 PM (Vikas Bhatia, Joanna Mason): A lap around Visual Studio 11 Express for Metro style apps using C++
  • [APP-494T] WED 03:30 PM (John Papa): Stand out with styling and animation in your XAML app
  • [APP-517T] WED 05:00 PM (Hamid Mahmood): Build polished collection and list apps using XAML
  • [APP-503T] THU 09:00 AM (Alnur Ismail): Make great touch apps using XAML
  • [APP-847T] THU 10:30 AM (Tim Heuer): Reach all your customer’s devices with one beautiful XAML user interface
  • [TOOL-834T] THU 10:30 AM (Joshua Goodman): What’s new in .NET Framework 4.5
  • [APP-912T] THU 01:00 PM (Laurence Moroney): Build data-driven collection and list apps using XAML
  • [TOOL-790C] THU 01:00 PM (Daniel Plaisted): Bringing existing managed code into Metro style apps
  • [APP-542C] THU 02:30 PM (Alnur Ismail): Building accessible Metro style apps using XAML
  • [APP-788T] THU 02:30 PM (Marco Matos): Integrating stunning media experiences in XAML
  • [APP-914T] THU 04:00 PM (Chipalo Street): The lifetime of XAML text: from input to display through printing
  • [TOOL-515T] FRI 09:00 AM (Tim Heuer): Tips and tricks for developing Metro style apps using XAML
  • [TOOL-810T] FRI 09:00 AM (Mads Torgersen, Alex Turner): Async made simple in Windows 8, with C# and Visual Basic
  • [TOOL-529T] FRI 10:30 AM (Peter Provost): Unit testing your Metro style apps built using XAML
  • FRI 10:30 AM (Krzysztof Cwalina): A .NET developer’s view of Windows 8 app development
  • [APP-528C] FRI 02:00 PM (Tim Heuer): Build world-ready Metro style apps using XAML

It will be a great week (I’ll try to be diligent and update the above with video links if they come available).  If you are here at BUILD be sure to look our team up in the expo hall area if you have XAML-specific questions.

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